Okay, so I've got some .raw files from an old game (Zork Nemesis) and determined that they're audio files, however I'm having trouble converting them into something meaningful.

With a bit of trial and error in Audacity I've found that I can listen to a still noisy version of the audio using raw file input settings of 8-bit signed PCM in stereo with a sample rate of 22050hz. However, my suspicion is that the files may in fact be encoded in 4-bits with a sample rate of 44100hz, but I'm having trouble finding a tool that can handle this.

What I'm looking for is either a tool that can handle 4-bit raw formats, or even a tool that can determine (or guess at) the format of a given .raw file, so I know for sure what I'm dealing with (as I'm just going by trial and error so far).

I've tried sox, but I'm most likely doing something wrong as it complains of an unsupported size:

sox -r 44100 -e signed -b 4 -c 2 in.raw out.wav

I was also going to try ffmpeg, but I can't find the appropriate format/codec to set.

In case it gives any further clues; I've tried various combinations of settings, increasing sample size while decreasing sample rate increases the (white-)noise, and even 8-bit is still noisy, which is why I'm thinking 4-bit. I've tried signed and unsigned, which strangely doesn't seem to make much of a difference

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    can you post online your sample 4 bit audio file ? maybe at box.com or such so we can give it a try – Scott Stensland Sep 23 '14 at 19:07

sox expects .raw input with 8-bit or higher encoding. So if you run

sox -r 44100 -e signed -b 8 -c 2 in.raw out.wav

it should work just fine. So either the file is actually 8(+)-bit encoded or you need find a converter which accepts this form of input.

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