Im trying to have a date field on one of my models with bootstrap datepicker. I want to format of the date to display as MM/DD/YYYY after a user selects it. the problem is that this date format is not correct for my database (YYYY/MM/DD) and I need to format it before I save it.

In my model I have created a setter method

def start_date=(val)
   Date.strptime(val, '%Y-%m-%d')

When I enter a date in my form such as 9/23/2014, I get an error saying invalid date.

What am I doing wrong?

my params



So after changing my method a bit

def start_date=(val)
    Date.strptime(val, "%m/%d/%Y") if val.present?

I no longer get the "invalid Date" error. However, now there are no dates being saved into the record. I've tried

def start_date=(val)
    @start_date = Date.strptime(val, "%m/%d/%Y") if val.present?

As suggested by @animatedgif , but still nothing happens.


So I figured out the best way to do this (I think :P).

I had to add a write_attribute() to my setter for it to save.

def start_date=(val)
    date = Date.strptime(val, "%m/%d/%Y") if val.present?
    write_attribute(:start_date, date)

This sets my MM/DD/YYYY to YYYY/MM/DD then saves it to the database.

  • I like your solution, I might end up using your approach in my code to eliminate the extra instance variable. – furman87 Sep 23 '14 at 20:04
  • Sweet, glad to help :) – oobie11 Sep 23 '14 at 20:06

The way I solved this was by introducing a string version of my date field (start_date_str in your case), and using it in my views. I also have a getter and setter for the new instance variable, which wraps the conversions and setting of the actual date field values.

Don't forget to add start_date_str to attr_accessible in Rails 3 or in your white list in Rails 4.

  def start_date_str
    @start_date_str || start_date.to_s

  def start_date_str=(value)
    @start_date_str = value
    self.start_date = Date.strptime(value, '%Y-%m-%d')
  • Thanks for the response, but I think I found a better way for my use case in my answer below. – oobie11 Sep 23 '14 at 19:49

You're only returning something and not actually setting anything.

def start_date=(val)
    @start_date = Date.strptime(val, '%Y-%m-%d')

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