I have the following java program which writes java in a notepad.

static int keyInput[] = { KeyEvent.VK_J, KeyEvent.VK_A, KeyEvent.VK_V,
    KeyEvent.VK_A, KeyEvent.VK_SPACE };

public static void main(String[] args) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    try {
    } catch (IOException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    InputContext context = InputContext.getInstance(); 
    context.selectInputMethod(new Locale("hi"));  //hi is ISO code for hindi. Also "hin" doesn't work 

    Robot robot=null;
    try {
        robot = new Robot();
    } catch (AWTException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    for (int i = 0; i < keyInput.length; i++) {


Now I wish to write to my notepad in Hindi language. So, I manually change the language to Hindi using the Window's language bar (Note that my default language is still English) and then again run the program. Ironically what happens is that the program itself changes the language back to English (I can see the language being changed back in the language bar) and writes java in English.

But when I change the settings of my computer and set Hindi as the default language the program works and writes in Hindi.

I searched and found some information on the net about a class called Locale which could influence language input. So I included it(commented portion in the code above) but it doesn't work. Can anyone please tell me how to control the input language through java program without changing the default language? Thanks in advance.

  • It's related to notepad not Java I guess. You should better check if there any way to provide language of choice when starting notepad. – blackSmith Sep 24 '14 at 8:12
  • @blackSmith...thanks, will check that. – AvinashK Sep 24 '14 at 8:21
  • Another thought : after launching notepad use Robot to click alt+o to open format tab, then down twice & Enter. Now you have Font setting window, set the preferred font using down key as many times required(depending on where Hindi is in the list) and Enter. What say ? – blackSmith Sep 24 '14 at 9:07
  • 1
    @blackSmith....I don't think changing the font will change the language of input...will it? – AvinashK Sep 24 '14 at 9:32
  • My bad, I thought Hindi would be available as a font there. But in notepad I see no options to choose a language. – blackSmith Sep 24 '14 at 9:37

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