I'm trying to make use of the angular bootstrap components, in particular the tab component. My custom directive currently looks like this:

        scope: {
            select: '&select'
        template:   '<tabset>' +
                        '<tab ng-repeat="tab in menu.tabs" disabled="tab.disabled" active="tab.active" select="tabSelected($index)">' +
                            '<tab-heading>' +
                                '<i class={{tab.headingClass}}></i> {{tab.title}}' +
                            '</tab-heading>' +
                            '<div ng-include="tab.partial"></div>' +
                        '</tab>' +

        controller: 'TabBarController',

In the above I can retrieve the current tabs index using the $indexservice and this works fine. In the tabs controller I can access this through the function:

$scope.tabSelected = function (tabIndex) { .. };

My html (removal.html) uses the directive and its select attribute to pass in a function from its own controller (removal-controller.js) for the function above to make use of:

 $scope.tabSelected = function (tabIndex) {
    if ($scope.select){
        $scope.$eval( $scope.select({index : tabIndex}) );

So if select receives a function it checks it and is suppose to pass back the tab index - the problem is that I always get back undefined. Below is the html where I'm making the link and the removal-controller that needs the tab-index:

<div tab-bar file-url="..."

$scope.removalModel.onSelected = function(tabIndex){
   // Always gets back undefined
   console.log( "Tab index:"+tabIndex );

I hope this was clear....anyway how do you package up a parameter, send it via $eval and make use of it on the other side?


Note: I've also tried:

$scope.$eval($scope.select(), {index : tabIndex});
  • It's all a bit confusing, but what I see at once is that you use $index in your HTML, whereas you use index when you call select in your code. Sep 24, 2014 at 11:08
  • i know its difficult to explain properly - yeh im creating a JSON object to hold the value of the index
    – Katana24
    Sep 24, 2014 at 11:57

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select calls removalModel.onSelected(). You don't pass any argument to onSelected, so tabIndex will always be undefined.

You need something like removalModel.onSelected(index).

I don't know why you use $scope.$eval.

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