I'm trying to open a .sqlite file on Windows, but I don't know how to. Do you know a good program for it?

It contains data for statistical analysis, but I prefer having a .txt file.

I also have a .spatialite file. Can you help me?


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If you just want to see what's in the database without installing anything extra, you might already have SQLite CLI on your system. To check, open a command prompt and try:

sqlite3 database.sqlite

Replace database.sqlite with your database file. Then, if the database is small enough, you can view the entire contents with:

sqlite> .dump

Or you can list the tables:

sqlite> .tables

Regular SQL works here as well:

sqlite> select * from some_table;

Replace some_table as appropriate.


SQLite is database engine, .sqlite or .db should be a database. If you don't need to program anything, you can use a GUI like sqlitebrowser or anything like that to view the database contents.

There is also spatialite, https://www.gaia-gis.it/fossil/spatialite_gui/index

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    I think this is closer to the "right" answer. I suspect a means to access the data via an API through R or another language is not as broadly helpful, even if it helped the OP. Apr 10, 2018 at 22:04

My favorite:


No installation needed. Just drop the file.

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    This is so simple, and no callbacks to the server. You can save the page for use offline if need be.
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I would suggest using R and the package RSQLite

#install.packages("RSQLite") #perhaps needed

# connect to the sqlite file
sqlite    <- dbDriver("SQLite")
exampledb <- dbConnect(sqlite,"database.sqlite")


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