Is there a way in Fortran 90 to get a file unit by name and file name by unit number? I know it will be expensive, but I have a lot of file names that I want to be able to re-access in a subroutine after they've been created..

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A command like

inquire(unit=12, opened=openedq, file=name_of_file)

will return the name of the file connected to unit 12 to the character variable name_of_file. If there is no file connected to the unit opened will return false, otherwise true. The command takes a variety of other optional arguments too.

To get the unit number of a file which is already attached use a variation on the preceding, like this

inquire(file='my_favourite_file.nuts', number=unknown_unit_number, opened=openedq)

Reference to your compiler documentation should explain all the variations that inquire supports.

  • I don't know what the unit number is (in your case 12), but I do know the name of the file that I want to open and write to (in your case name_of_file)... I created a temporary integer to open the unit, but lost it when leaving a subroutine. Is there any way that I can still access the file without the original unit number and just with the file name? Or do I have to save the unit number?... – Charles Sep 24 '14 at 15:37
  • You have to save the unit number, or use INQUIRE to get it again as Mark suggested. – Steve Lionel Mar 14 at 21:40

In order to get file information, you have to use the INQUIRE statement.

UNIT and FILE are both valid input options to the INQUIRE statement, but I am not sure if they can used for output (For example, gfortran 7.4.0 will complain that INQUIRE statement at (1) cannot contain both FILE and UNIT specifiers).

So, to get file name information from a unit number, use NAME, e.g.:

inquire(unit=12, opened=openedq, NAME=name_of_file)

To get unit number information, the previous example is valid:

inquire(file='my_file', opened=openedq, NUMBER=file_unit)

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