I understand how to record microphone input in AS3 from this doc.

Is it possible to record sound exactly as they are being output/played? The reason is I applied some sound transform (via the global SoundMixer) to sounds that are currently playing; and I also want to record this sound data while it is being played.

I just saw this question, to clarify, I am not trying to record just all sounds on the user's computer (which is not possible). My flash app has a Youtube player in it (via their AS3 API), and it's playing some sounds. I applied transforms using SoundMixer.soundTransform, and I want to record what's being played when the user is playing it.

Thanks in advance.


Just a passing suggestion.. on my desktop it seems ABLE to record sound into Flash from a different tab playing Youtube (HTML5).. I don't know how it's doing that!!

PS: Anyone trying this must reduce Windows volume since anything above 10-20% is distorted audio into the Flash app.

So after a quick search it seems my Realtek Audio is classed as a Full-Duplex soundcard and also within its own control panel I have an option called "Multi-streaming" which is enabled/ticked. I think Full-Duplex is enough to do this though. Try options within your soundcard's own settings software. Don't know about your end-users. Some hardware will do it, some wont, there is no all-round solution outside of AIR (which makes desktop apps out of your AS3 code).

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