I'm still fairly new to MySQL, and have an app which uses a MySQL database. What is the proper workflow for copying changes from a development copy to the production DB (indexes, new fields, etc)? So far, I've just used phpMyAdmin to make the changes one at a time, but it seems wrong to work this way.

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    That is indeed the wrong way. The right way is to create a change script/process - hopefully with automated tooling - and then apply it. If the changes are all done this way from the same reference then it is a relatively trivial forward-process without schema issues (because any such issues are pre-resolved when generating the script). Use a staging database that can be used to test-apply the change script before an attempt is made to apply it to production. This staging database should also be used during other parts of the test-before-release cycle. (And make sure to have backups..) – user2864740 Sep 25 '14 at 5:38

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