I'm trying to read some files from my Scala project, and if I use: java.io.File(".").getCanonicalPath() I find that my current directory is far away from them (exactly where I have installed Scala Eclipse). So how can I change the current directory to the root of my project, or get the path to my project? I really don't want to have an absolute path to my input files.

  val PATH = raw"E:\lang\scala\progfun\src\examples\"
  def printFileContents(filename: String) {
    try {
      println("\n" + PATH + filename)
      io.Source.fromFile(PATH + filename).getLines.foreach(println)
    } catch {
      case _:Throwable => println("filename " + filename + " not found")

  val filenames = List("random.txt", "a.txt", "b.txt", "c.txt")
  filenames foreach printFileContents
  1. Add your files to src/main/resources/<packageName> where <packageName> is your class package.
  2. Change the line val PATH = getClass.getResource("").getPath
  • Well, in my case (on Windows 8) the path returned is <project_path>/bin/<packageName>/ which is just what I wanted. Thanks! – carlos_lm Sep 25 '14 at 11:36

Another workaround is to put the path you need in an user environmental variable, and call it with sys.env (returns exception if failure) or System.getenv (returns null if failure), for example val PATH = sys.env("ScalaProjectPath") but the problem is that if you move the project you have to update the variable, which I didn't want.

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