Hi I want to save and load data from a datagridview to a xml. My idea is that I can save my datagridview to a xml how this -> "[date]_[name].xml" and later I can load this data. For this two operations I want to use two methods --> Save() and Load()

Here is my code for saving:

private void Save(DataGridView grid) 
        xmlfile = @"C:\datagrid.xml";
        dataset = (DataSet)InputDataGrid.DataSource;
    catch (Exception ex)

How I can do this?


This is the sample xml file which I have used for testing your scenario:


The sample code snippet which could access the above mentioned XML file:

private void Load()
    string path = @"C:\dataset.xml";
    DataSet ds = new DataSet();
    InputDataGrid.DataSource = ds;
    InputDataGrid.DataMember = "student";

private void Save()
    string path = @"C:\dataset.xml";
    DataSet ds = (DataSet) InputDataGrid.DataSource;


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