Is there a way to validate if the String passed as time is valid using Moment JS?

The operations moment("2014-12-13 asdasd","YYYY-MM-DD LT").isValid() or moment("asdasd","LT").isValid() equate to true which ideally shouldn't happen.

My application uses multiple languages and it is really not possible for me to come up with a RegEx pattern to validate the string. For example, if I get the time string as "午前12時12分0秒", Moment JS should be able to validate this. I checked the source and found that time checking is not that strict in the library. I might have missed something. Please help.

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As described in the documentation, as of moment 2.3.0, you can pass a third parameter true which turns on "strict parsing" mode.

moment("2014-12-13 asdasd","YYYY-MM-DD LT", true).isValid()   // false

moment("2014-12-13 12:34 PM","YYYY-MM-DD LT", true).isValid()   // true

The down side is that it must match the locale's format (i.e. the one supplied as the second argument) exactly. Since LT is equivalent to h:mm A in English, it will only accept 12-hour time without seconds. If you pass 24 hour time, or pass seconds, then it will fail.

moment("2014-12-13 12:34:00 PM","YYYY-MM-DD LT", true).isValid()   // false
moment("2014-12-13 15:00","YYYY-MM-DD LT", true).isValid()         // false

A better solution might be to pass multiple formats with strict parsing:

var formats = ["YYYY-MM-DD LT","YYYY-MM-DD h:mm:ss A","YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss","YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm"];
moment("2014-12-13 12:34 PM", formats, true).isValid()     // true
moment("2014-12-13 15:00", formats, true).isValid()        // true
moment("2014-12-13 12:34:00 PM", formats, true).isValid()  // true
  • Thank you for pointing that out. I plan on using moment()._lang._longDateFormat.LT to validate the string, which would change along with locales and should work fine.
    – Chiranjib
    Sep 28, 2014 at 4:49
  • 1
    If you're using a current version (2.2.0+), try this instead: moment.localeData().longDateFormat('LT'). docs here Sep 28, 2014 at 6:31
  • 1
    How can I validate date with zone abbr like '2014-12-13 12:34 PM PST', the format 'YYYY-MM-DD h:mm:ss A z' didn't work here
    – RaT
    Sep 23, 2019 at 7:28

const allPossibleFormats = [
  'D MMMM YYYY HH:mm',
  'DD.MM.YYYY HH:mm',
  'DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss',
  'MM-DD-YYYY HH:mm:ss',
  'MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss',
  'YYYY-DD-MM HH:mm:ss',
  'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm',
  'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss',
  'YYYY-MM-DD h:mm:ss A',
  'ddd, MMM D YYYY LT',
  'dddd D MMMM YYYY HH:mm',
  'dddd, MMMM Do YYYY LT'

moment('Chicago Illinois 46702', allPossibleFormats, true).isValid(); // false
moment('18/01/1944', allPossibleFormats, true).isValid(); // true
moment('22-10-2020', allPossibleFormats, true).isValid(); // true
moment('1944-01-18 12:00:00', allPossibleFormats, true).isValid(); // true
moment('2001-01-01 00:00:00', allPossibleFormats, true).isValid(); // true
moment('2001-01', allPossibleFormats, true).isValid(); // true
<script src="https://momentjs.com/downloads/moment.js"></script>

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