I'm trying to insert some data into a DB on my local machine.

I've opened up the connection, and performed the INSERT INTO for the fields I require. Nothing is showing up in the database but I'm really lost as I'm not getting any errors either, so no guidance as to where it is failing. I have tried scaling it back and adding in echo variables to check how far the script is running but it runs all the way to the end.

To start I set the password and username which is just my local stuff:

// configuration
$dbuser     = "root";
$dbpass     = "";

Then I create the connection

// Create connection

Because I was struggling to find out where it was falling over, I have included an error statement. At present it outputs 'successfully connected' so it's not failing to connect...

// Check connection
if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
  echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();
    echo 'successfully connected';

And then I'm preparing the SQL INSERT INTO

// the SQL insert
mysqli_query($con,"INSERT INTO mytablename (MostImportantFeatures,ImportanceOfFreeDelivery)
VALUES ($features,$importance_free_delivery)");

And I am getting nothing back. No errors, but no submission to the database. I cannot work out where I've gone wrong or how I can debug this as the script runs through. I can log into the database (using Sequel Pro) with the details above just fine.

How would you start to debug this?


To start debugging you probably want to check if you get TRUE or FALSE back from mysqli_query, and check the last error on false.

if(!mysqli_query($con,"INSERT INTO mytablename (MostImportantFeatures,ImportanceOfFreeDelivery) VALUES ($features,$importance_free_delivery)")) {
    echo mysqli_error($con);

mysqli_query docs - php.net

mysqli_query docs - php.net

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