Is there a reset command that will move the master to another branch without merging? I have some unstable experimental code on branch MIN-791 which has already been merged to the master. I'd rather not deal with it if I don't have to for now. I'd like the MIN-780-493 branch to become the master branch since it has a couple of nice repairs but none of the crap. 'git reset sha#' didn't seem to do the trick. Is there another reset command that will? Or something else? I don't want to lose the changes on MIN-791 since it is still being used to fix a difficult bug, but don't want it in my releases.SourceTree

  • Please clarify git reset sha# didn't seem to do the trick. Did you get an error? What SHA did you use? – jub0bs Sep 26 '14 at 1:51

if you are checked out to master then this

git reset --hard SHA

That will also modify the staging area and working directory.

If you just want to randomly assign values to refs then you would use

git update-ref refs/heads/master SHA
  • WRONG update-ref OPTIONS! Make sure to use git update-ref refs/heads/master SHA. See stackoverflow.com/questions/13073062/… -- Leaving off the refs/heads/ will eventually cause you to have ambiguous masters and a scary looking log – user1902689 Feb 3 '17 at 21:04

Andrew C's answer is right. In addition you can just use the branch name instead of the SHA.


git reset --hard origin/MIN-780-493

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