Will Gurobi optimize a quadratic problem where the objective function is NOT positive definite? Our constraints are linear--in fact, they are box constraints. This is a known NP-complete problem, as per Vavasis, Nonlinear Complexity: Optimization Issues, Oxford University Press.

We know that Gurobi will not optimize a quadratic programming problem with quadratic constraints, except under special conditions. However, we have not seen a specific statement that it can or cannot handle a quadratic objective function.


Gurobi is designed to handle problems with objective functions that are linear or

  • convex quadratic functions for minimization problems
  • concave quadratic functions for maximization problems

In addition, it can handle quadratic constraints where the feasible region is convex or a second order cone

You haven't mentioned the type of problem that you are tackling, but if you want to use Gurobi to solve it, the best approach is probably to use its mixed-integer linear optimizer, or use a decomposition method.

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