I need to run external command in vim and see the STDOUT only if it fails.

For example when I hit F9 i want to run do.sh and be informed only about the errors. Now I use double <cr><cr> to close the defualt output window but this will not show me any errors:

nmap <F9> :!./script.sh<cr><cr>

This can be done easily with the system() function and the v:shell_error variable. Put the following in your .vimrc file.

nnoremap <leader>n :call Foo()<cr>

function! Foo()
  let bar = system('script.sh')
  if v:shell_error
    echo bar

As a bonus, there's no need for the double <cr> because system() returns the output without displaying anything.

  • Great! That's exactly what I need. Thanks! Sep 26 '14 at 14:52

Use the tool that does the thing well: the shell. A wrapper like this may do the trick:

 # Run the program specified by the args silently and show stdout on failure.

 if ! "$@" >stdout 2>stderr; then
    cat stdout stderr

You might be able to cram this in a vim mapping. A slightly shorter version could be:

 ./script.sh > stdout || cat stdout

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