I am developing a tablet application which needs to connect to a web site to collect online content.

I have seen that we can indeed connect to a web server on a local system by addressing it via it's IP address.

However, I am using virtual hosts on my system, so as to use virtual domains.

This is setup on my system in the apache httpd-vhosts.conf file like this -

# Project wordpress dev site
<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "C:/web/www/boutique"
    ServerName boutique.project.dev

with my hosts file having the following entry        boutique.project.dev        # project woocommerce site

I am using the HttpPost and HttpClient classes and I cannot see how I can provide the real IP address whilst still transmitting the host name in the URL request.

So, what I need to know is how can I make queries from my application using the virtual address " boutique.project.dev " ?

Is this possible ?

Edit :

Following one comment, I need to make things more clearer.

I am wanting to do this in code. Each time we make a connection to a site, the URL does a DNS lookup to determine the IP address to use. I need to intercept this and provide the IP address of my local system. I have seen some examples for proxy's using HttpHost, but I am unclear as to how to use this or even if it is relevant.


I think you don't do that unless you modify host file in android device (with root permissions)

This is a similar question: Apache Virtual Host (Subdomain) access with different computer on LAN

You also could setup a DNS server in your computer (i.e bind9) and set entries for your apache virtualhost and configure android in order to use that DNS server.

  • As each time a connection is made to a URL there is a DNS lookup which returns the corresponding IP address, I am looking for the means to override the DNS lookup within my code, as opposed to changing the tablets setup. I will edit my question to make this more clearer. – Simon Sep 26 '14 at 7:57

Here is the solution which I hope will avoid some useless "banging the head against a wall" for those of you who might have the same need.

Two or three steps are necessary.

1st step : Open the firewall to allow connections.

  • This is obviously necessary or else, whatever you do the connection will not be made. I use Comodo and so I added a rule in the firewall permitting all connections coming from the local LAN.

2nd step : Tell your server, apache in my case, to listen on its IP address.

  • I added the following entry in my httpd.conf file :

    Listen [my ip address]:80

3rd step : Code the connection

The key to getting this to work is to tell which virtual server is needed. So, without further boring details, here is the code :

// setup the needed objects
HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();
// create the request using the IP address of the server machine
HttpGet request = new HttpGet("http://[target ip address]:80/testpage.php");
// here is the code magic - manually set the host header
request.setHeader(HttpHeaders.HOST, "boutique.project.dev");
// now execute the request
HttpResponse response = client.execute(request);
// read back the response as normal

The result is that the apache server will map the request to the virtual host.

I hope this will be useful for others here !

Oh, I almost forgot, don't forget to enable the WiFi on your tablet - can save hours of wondering why it doesn't work !

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