I was using ActiveRecord models by defining relationships between them in Yii2 framework. Now I am trying to use dependency injection container with my ActiveRecord models and want to inject my dependencies. But circular dependency issue is confusing me.

If we define our relationships like explained Here, won't we end up having circular dependency issue? or I am missing something?

Thanks for any help and pointers.

Edit: Code Example from my models.

class NavMenu extends \yii\db\ActiveRecord {
    public function getNavItemMenu() {
        return $this->hasOne(NavItemMenu::className(), ['id' => 'nav_item_menu_id' ]);

class NavItemMenu extends \yii\db\ActiveRecord {
    public function getNavMenus() {
        return $this->hasMany(NavMenu::className(), ['nav_item_menu_id' => 'id' ]);

Above code is simplified just to give you the idea of the problem.

  • you trying to write a model file? with all the relation – Kshitiz Sep 26 '14 at 7:31
  • What i do is define a relation in mysql database itself and use gii tool to generate model. Then i modify the model. hope this help. Still newbee to yii2. – Kshitiz Sep 26 '14 at 7:43
  • so you need manual relation even if it does not exist in mysql table or something like that. Share some code please and table structure – Kshitiz Sep 26 '14 at 7:47

The anser is in the link you gave us :)

You should add inverseOf() to the getNavMenus() relation:

public function getNavMenus() {
    return $this->hasMany(NavMenu::className(), ['nav_item_menu_id' => 'id' ])
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