I'm wondering if there's any means to prevent Homebrew from upgrading a particular package ? Yesterday I went for a brew upgrade which updated the lua package from 5.1 to 5.2. It broke one of the projects I'm working on those days so I had to downgrade the lua package today when I noticed it.

I'd like this not to happen again, and I guess Homebrew must provide this kind of feature, but I didn't find anything about it in the documentation. Do you have any clue ?


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brew pin someformula.

There is also a lua51 formula now.

  • @Oderdra this is a valid answer. Although I´m struggling to find a link which documents brew pin it is there and does solve the OP´s issue.
    – max
    Sep 27, 2014 at 17:53
  • 1
    from the output of man brew: Pin the specified formulae, preventing them from being upgraded when issuing the brew upgrade command without arguments. See also unpin. Sep 27, 2014 at 18:15
  • @Odedra it does provide an accurate answer to my question. But I'm struggling as well to find some documentation, apart from the man. One should never forget the man files ! Sep 28, 2014 at 23:04
  • Yea, I guess I should've looked a bit more of the details of brew pin before running brew upgrade $(brew outdated), because that does include an argument, and so the pinning is not enforced.
    – brki
    Mar 31, 2016 at 12:25

brew pin formula works well, but it's not currently possible to pin casks.

I need to prevent upgrade of a particular cask, so I use a filter to ignore that cask when upgrading:

brew update
brew upgrade --cask `brew outdated --cask | awk '{print $1}' | grep -v cask-to-skip`
  • 1
    Since we can't currently pin casks, this seems like the only one useable when casks are your pinning target. Do watch out, though - if you typo the 'cask-to-skip', and the typo isn't in the list, it won't skip any... :) Apr 17, 2023 at 14:36
  • Agree, @JesseAdelman. Luckily I'm using a script so I won't mistype it
    – Br.Bill
    Apr 28, 2023 at 0:09
  • The --cask option doesn't work for me when using it to search for outdated casks. You should be using --greedy instead. Like so: brew upgrade --greedy `brew outdated --greedy | awk '{print $1}' | grep -v docker`
    – techsk8
    Feb 2 at 9:51
  • --cask has been working, and is still working for me. I agree that --greedy would help folks that need/want updates that are less important/official. I only want stable ones so I don't use --greedy for that. In your example, non-casks are also included and upgraded, which I was specifically avoiding in my suggestion.
    – Br.Bill
    Feb 7 at 2:20

To complete the story, for my case using opencv as an example, it means that

brew -v edit opencv3
brew -v fetch --deps opencv3
brew -v install --build-from-source opencv3
brew pin opencv3

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