I want to display first character of user in django templates. I want to make a image of user first character like caption or avatar

like this https://meta.discourse.org/t/switch-from-gravatar-to-html-css-letters-for-no-avatar-users/15336


so i will get result like any name "Gaurav" or "Amit" but i just want first letter of them like "G" or "A" So i can display it like image of first letter.


Solution with using templates tags(but for me the answer from @Kasra more preferable):

First letter:

{{ postone.user|make_list|first }}

Word without first:

{{ postone.user|make_list|slice:'1:'|join:'' }}
  • This is worked,,,,,,,, Thanks,,,,,, – Gaurav Sep 26 '14 at 11:56
  • The problem is you can no longer use the filter "richtext" on the item after the join. How can i pick the first letter and still apply richtext. – sqwale May 17 '17 at 14:13

try <p>{{ postone.user.first_name.0 }}</p>


If postone.user was indexable you can use [0] index :

  • This is not working,,,,,, – Gaurav Sep 26 '14 at 11:51
  • so whats the type of data.user ? – Kasrâmvd Sep 26 '14 at 11:53
  • i checked it for {{data.user.username[0]}} still its not working – Gaurav Sep 26 '14 at 11:54
  • its work for me ! maybe your query is wrong ! can you try user.username[0] ? – Kasrâmvd Sep 26 '14 at 11:56
  • Yah i tried its not working,,,,,,,, Actually i am rendering whole html to the phonegap file ,,,,, may be thats why its not working,,,,,, But thanks a lot for your answer. – Gaurav Sep 26 '14 at 11:58

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