I have a database on a SaaS platform (Pantheon), and the connection string changes frequently (multiple times per day). This makes Sequel Pro favorites pretty useless.

I can easily fetch the new connection string from Terminal, and I can launch Sequel Pro from Terminal, but I can't figure out how to feed the connection string to Sequel Pro properly.

I've read through this thread, but just cannot figure out the proper syntax.

How can I make it work? Any other ideas about how to achieve similar?


Maybe you could write the changes to your Sequel Pro Favourites.plist -file and then start the program with --favorite (--favorite=site1 etc.) parameter.

Favourites.plist is normal text file in xml form and can be edited with a script etc.

In Mac OS X the favourites file is at ~/Library/Application Support/Sequel Pro/Data/Favourites.plist

This won't work if your password changes also as it's stored OS X Keychain. (Not sure where passwords are in Windows, sorry)

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