Is there somewhere in Hackage a typeclass analogous to MonadIO but for Applicatives, that allows one to easily lift IO actions to "applicative composition stacks" based on IO?

If such a typeclass existed, would it be made obsolete by the implementation of the Applicative-Monad Proposal? Does the proposal involve a relaxation on the Monad constraint for MonadIO?

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    I think relaxing the Monad constraint is worth considering. – Tom Ellis Sep 26 '14 at 17:58
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    In case people are wondering, the laws would be liftAIO (pure r) = pure r and liftAIO (f <*> x) = liftAIO f <*> liftAIO x – Gabriel Gonzalez Sep 26 '14 at 20:15
  • I think the answer the question "Is there somewhere in Hackage a typeclass analogous to MonadIO but for Applicatives?" is "No" (I couldn't find anything, at least), but that doesn't mean @GabrielGonzalez won't write a blog post about it at some point. – bheklilr Sep 26 '14 at 21:53
  • Relaxing the Monad constraint for MonadIO would be problematic if for no other reason than that there is a lot of code out there with type signatures like (MonadIO m) => ... -> m ... that requires m to be a Monad (for reasons unrelated to liftIO). But MonadIO m is not equivalent to (Monad m, ApplicativeIO m) either, see my answer below. – Reid Barton Sep 27 '14 at 0:57

There was a related discussion on haskell-cafe a year ago. In the Reddit comments I gave an example of a natural transformation (g) from IO to another monad that is an applicative functor morphism (i.e., satisfies the laws that Gabriel Gonzalez mentioned) but is not a monad morphism (it does not satisfy the additional law relating to >>=). So, even in a world with AMP, ApplicativeIO m and MonadIO m are really different things, even when m is a Monad!

In an ideal world you'd have a setup like this:

class Functor f => FunctorIO f where
    liftIO :: IO a -> f a
    -- such that liftIO is a natural transformation (automatic, by parametricity)

class (Applicative f, FunctorIO f) => ApplicativeIO f where
    --   ... and liftIO is an applicative functor morphism

class (Monad f, ApplicativeIO f) => MonadIO f where
    --   ... and liftIO is a monad morphism

and magical fairies would define ApplicativeIO and MonadIO instances exactly when the corresponding laws were satisfied.

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