I've recently started using Emacs (prelude, which comes with smartparens installed) and am trying to write some R scripts in ESS. I find that when I tab complete a file path, for example in a call to read.csv(), and then try to type the second " to advance past it, a pair of escaped quotation marks is inserted instead. So what should be read.csv("~/foo/bar.csv") becomes read.csv("~/foo/bar.csv\"\"").

However, if I type out the file path without using tab completion, everything works just fine and typing the second " just advances my cursor past it.

I tried the solution from this slightly different question, and now the extra set of quotation marks is not escaped, but still inserted.

It seems that smartparens is not recognizing when I've reached the end of a pair quotation marks if I use tab completion between them. Is this the case, and if so is there any way to fix it?


You are right that this behaviour is caused by smartparens. It is related to a feature which turns off active sexp-expressions if you type any key other than a "normal key" like a letter. See the help for the function sp-skip-closing-pair and maybe its source text for more details. (If you are interested.)

To avoid it, you can customize sp-cancel-autoskip-on-backward-movement to nil.

This effects more features. For an instance the sexp is no longer deactivated if you move backwards with the cursor key. Nevertheless, you can deactivate it by putting the cursor outside of the sexp.

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