If your project is big and has many localizations, sometimes you find view controllers by searching for text displayed on that view controller's view. But in doing so you get a lot of search results you don't need that can make finding the file you're searching for cumbersome:

enter image description here

If you're like me and do this a hundred times a day, you want to have a way to omit Localizable files from your searches, for example. How?

  1. In the Find Navigator tab, click the current search scope directly underneath the search bar:

where to click under search bar

  1. Click "New Scope..." and give it a name. I picked 'Workspace W/O Localizable":

new search scope configuration

  1. Add a Path condition that 'matches regex'. You can use a negative regex to exclude paths with "Localizable" in it. The regex to use is this: ^((?!Localizable).)*$

That's it! Just click the new search scope under "SEARCH SCOPES" and it will be the new default.


Quick tip which is a solution for some. You can easily change this by clicking on a result and hitting "delete." This will remove the result or group of results from the list. It will not affect your code ;)

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    Works for sporadic searches, but does not persist. So the unwanted results/groups come back for every consecutive search, and with Localizable.strings files at least you'll have to select/delete a lot of files (they don't group) :/ – Alex the Ukrainian Sep 26 '14 at 21:21

Quick tip for xCode 9.4. Create a search scope of this to search just the swift files in your project. enter image description here

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