Is there any way to elevate a new process or thread to administrator in Go?

It seems like ShellExecute() isn't available in Go and it isn't possible to elevate with CreateProcess(). I have no idea what else could be possible.


You can try and check the project w32: it has a shell32.go ShellExecute() that could be useful.

w32 is a wrapper of windows apis for the Go Programming Language.

It wraps win32 apis to "Go style" to make them easier to use.

Update 2020, since 2014, the package golang.org/x/sys/windows does have a ShellExecute() function.

Cliven mentions Jeremy Black's blog post "Relaunch Windows Golang program with UAC elevation when admin rights needed"

  • Jeremy first detects if the program is already running as admin by attempting to open \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 (per this reddit suggestion)

    _, err := os.Open("\\\\.\\PHYSICALDRIVE0")
  • Then Jeremy uses the ShellExecute() function, to call runas (described in "Elevating During Runtime" from Michael Haephrati)

    func runMeElevated() {
        verb := "runas"
        exe, _ := os.Executable()
        cwd, _ := os.Getwd()
        args := strings.Join(os.Args[1:], " ")
        verbPtr, _ := syscall.UTF16PtrFromString(verb)
        exePtr, _ := syscall.UTF16PtrFromString(exe)
        cwdPtr, _ := syscall.UTF16PtrFromString(cwd)
        argPtr, _ := syscall.UTF16PtrFromString(args)
        var showCmd int32 = 1 //SW_NORMAL
        err := windows.ShellExecute(0, verbPtr, exePtr, argPtr, cwdPtr, showCmd)
        if err != nil {

CreateProcess() does not support running elevated processes, but there is a third-party CreateProcessElevated() function in the following article that can:

Vista UAC: The Definitive Guide

It also provides elevation versions of several other functions, including CreateProcessAsUserElevated() and ShellExecuteElevated().

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