I have added some UrlManager rules so that pages like


now look like


but, the problem is that the CGridView pagination still looks ugly


How can I change it to look something like this?


Should I change/override createUrl method of the CController, or there is a better way?

my rule for the page that has pagination is

'<id:\d+>/<title>' => 'category/view/id/<id>',

and complete set tof rules is

'<id:\d+>/<title>/*' => 'category/view/id/<id>',
'/<id:\d+>/<title1>/<title2>' => 'product/view/id/<id>',
'/<id:\d+>/<title1>/<title2>/<p_action:\w+>' => 'product/view/id/<id>/render/<p_action>',
'/<id:\d+>/<title1>/<title2>/<p_action:\w+>/parent_comment_id/<parent_comment_id:\d+>' =>      'product/view/id/<id>/render/<p_action>/parent_comment_id/<parent_comment_id>',

Say you have used the following route configurations -


So the URL's formed looks like - /category/view?id=1&page=2

Now try by adding /* to allow any further query string to beautify.

Modified -


Please check the /* added after ...<id:\d+> to make it <id:\d+>/*

It should do the trick.

  • thanks, but it did not help, url stays the same, I updated the question to show the rule I use, maybe it will help... – Nick_Core Sep 27 '14 at 15:39
  • Append /* for all the rules. It should work. I have tested it before answering here. – Kunal Dethe Sep 29 '14 at 12:03
  • added /* to ALL the rules, and it worked partially, now the pagination url looks like this category/1/title/cell-phones/page/2, but i need to get rid of "title" and "cagegory" parts... my goal is /1/cell-phones/page/2, +1 for helping me advance though – Nick_Core Sep 29 '14 at 16:17

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