I want to do CTI ( computer telephony integration ) for Dynamics CRM 2013. Where I want to create UI like field explore ( left aligned) common to all entities. I have created web resource to create my UI. But now able to find place holder just like Field explorer. I added my web resource to form/dashboard but that is particular to that dashboard. Where I want to have such UI component which will receive callback event from CTI respective of which forms currently loaded in CRM.

Any views on this, if I get at least a pointer would be a great help.

For salesforce they have CTI developer GUI, where they have given place holder for CTI UI, I am looking for such place holder for Dynamics CRM 2013 or CTI developer guide (tried may a times,got client extension help on msdn but that did not help).


MS has developed USD for call centers (replaces CCA). It has a CTI "mini" panel on top by default. You can create global panels or session panel. You can even create a custom layout. Unified Service Desk

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