I have the following case classes:

object Fields {
  abstract class Base{
    def getString: String
  case class A() extends Base{
    def getString = "A+++"
  case class B() extends Base{
    def getString = "B++"

  def fieldsToString(fields: List[Base]): String = {
    fields.tail.foldLeft(s"${fields.head.getString}") {(acc, f) =>
      acc + s",${f.getString}"

Then I tried to call this function in the following way:

 val fields = List(A, B, A)
 val result = Fields.fieldsToString(fields)

which gives me the following error:

type mismatch;
[error]  found   : List[scala.runtime.AbstractFunction0[Product with Serializable 
with Fields.Base] with Serializable]

So I thought I needed to introduce covariance:

 def fieldsToString[T >: Base](fields: List[T]): String = {
        fields.tail.foldLeft(s"${fields.head.getString}") {(acc, f) =>
          acc + s",${f.getString}"

Which then gives me the following compile error:

do not conform to method fieldsToString's type parameter bounds [T <: Fields.Base]

What exactly is the problem, is this due to the case classes, do they behave differently then normal classes?

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Rightfold answer was close, what you have are not really functions but singleton types:

scala> case class A()
defined class A

scala> A
res0: A.type = A

scala> res0()
res1: A = A()

Quoting the scala overview paper (on page 9, right column) by Odersky when talking about abstract members:

Here, p.type is a singleton type, which represents just the object denoted by p. Singleton types by themselves are also useful for supporting chaining of method calls.


If you look closely at the first error message, you see that you have created a list of functions. Call them:

val fields = List(A(), B(), A())

This is due to case classes implicitly having companion objects with apply methods.

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