I want to bind a list of items with properties 'ID', 'Description' and 'IsSelected' to a combobox. The display value is set using DisplayMemberPath to 'Description' which works fine. However i want that 'IsSelected' property to be set when that item is selected. I've tried Setting SelectedValuePath and SelectedValue to 'IsSelected' but it doesn't work.

  • The Item is selected (not its ID or Description). – paparazzo Sep 29 '14 at 14:52

The simplest solution would probably be to track the selected item in your view model, and keep it synced with the ComboBox by adding a two-way binding to SelectedItem. When the view model property changes, update the IsSelected property of the new and previous selections.


Try this

    <ComboBox Width="120" Height="35">
                <ComboBoxItem IsSelected="{Binding IsSelected}"/>

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