I am trying to set this QT UI to be "modal less", I tried setModal(false), but unfortunately it does not work. meanings: it compiles and runs but I still cannot have the child UI and parent to work in parallel. I am using QT 4.8. On Visual Studio 2010. Here is my code:

realtimedlg::realtimedlg(QWidget *parent)
    parentWnd = parent;
    timer1.start(100, this); 
    this->setModal(false); // this does not do anything! 

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You don't need to call setModal(false) at all, because false is default value already.

As stated in the Qt docs:

This property holds whether show() should pop up the dialog as modal or modeless.

By default, this property is false and show() pops up the dialog as modeless. Setting his property to true is equivalent to setting QWidget::windowModality to Qt::ApplicationModal.

exec() ignores the value of this property and always pops up the dialog as modal.

So, when you instantiate your realtimedlg object your should do this from the heap and just call show() method:

realtimedlg* dlg = new realtimedlg(this);

You don't need to call exec(). Calling of it makes your dialog modal.

  • I did that but then my realtimedlg shows for very short time and then disappeared!
    – Samer
    Sep 29, 2014 at 19:40
  • it's because you create it on the stack, your should create from the heap.
    – Max Go
    Sep 29, 2014 at 19:41

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