I am on a linux virtual machine and I'm trying to run the command sudo synaptic & which should start synaptic in the background. However, it doesn't ask for the password and the program doesn't seem to start. I have not typed my password earlier, as running any other command withouth the & at the end ask for my password. What is the problem?

  • possible duplicate of pass password to su/sudo/ssh – Sam Sep 29 '14 at 22:26
  • Did you log in your virtual machine as "root"? If so, you are running with root privilege, and be careful with that. – 4af2e9eb6 Sep 29 '14 at 22:26
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The problem is that the sudo command itself is being run in the background. As a result, it will be stopped (SIGSTOP) when it tries to access the standard input to read the password.

A simple solution is to create a shell script to run synaptic & and then sudo the script in the foreground (i.e. without &).

  • Could you include a link to describe 'synaptic &' – Shane Abram Mendez Jan 6 at 21:13

You can run sudo bash -c 'synaptic &'

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