I am using the template to do a copy. In the "S3" data node, I have configured Custom format because my column data contains "comma".

The custom data format I am using has the following properties

Column seperator " is PIPE ("|") and Record seperator is "\n"

When I run the pipeline data does not get loaded into S3 and gives me the following error

Error copying record\nCause: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException\nCause: null\nCause: Quote character must be defined in record format

Anyone faced this problem.


"Escape Char" option is not shown under "Custom" format type in AWS Data pipeline

You can use "TSV" type as your custom format type and provide:

  • "Column separator" as pipe(|),
  • "Record separator" as new line(\n),
  • "Escape Char" as backslash(\) or any other character you want.

If you are using Aurora as source database, I suggest you use SELECT INTO OUTFILE S3 command. Otherwise, build your own using EMR (hive and sqoop projects will help you with this).

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