How can I divide one pull request into two pull requests? I committed ten times in one pull request, and I want to divide them into two different pull requests because the first six commits are unrelated to the last four commits. I use Ubuntu os with git. As I am new to git, I am wondering how to input git commands step by step to do that. Any advice would be be highly appreciated.


You basically have a duplicate of Splitting a Branch in 2 The graphs there are good so not bothering to duplicate them.

First create a second branch pointing at your sixth commit

git branch branch2 HEAD~4


git branch branch2 COMMIT_6_SHA

branch2 is now done and ready to create a pull request for the first 6 commits.

Now you want to use git rebase --onto to move your existing branch with the other 4 commits so they are hanging off your upstream

git rebase --onto @{u} branch2

And that's it.

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