I am trying to include a macro file in the FTL.

As per my understanding with the framework, if we include the macro file using tag in the xml and render a FTL in this xml, the defined macros should be automatically available in Freemarker template. But this is not working for me.

Also, I have tried to include the macro file in FTL itself using <#import> and <#include> tag, by providing absolute and relative path both. Either way is not working.

Please suggest what should be the best possible way to do it.


  • Can you post a snippet of code which you've tried and is not working? – Jeroen Sep 30 '14 at 7:52
  • Also instead of "not working" you could tell what the error message is. – ddekany Sep 30 '14 at 19:52

If you want to add a macro in the FTL file just import the macro file in the destination FTL file and render the destination FTL file in the screen. Here is a simple example

Create a macro FTL file in the webroot/screen/includes/MacroExample.ftl

<#macro macroExample>
   This is a macro example

Import the file in the Header.html.ftl

 <#import "MacroExample.ftl" as m> <#-- If the macro file in different directory you can use the relative path -->

This Header.html.ftl is rendered in the webroot.xml file by the following code

     <text type="html" location="component://webroot/screen/includes/Header.html.ftl"/>

Now the macroExample will be visible in the Header. This is a normal example. You can follow this step to work your.

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