I've set up my laptop (Windows Vista 32bit) and my Nexus 5 to talk to each other over USB so I can use the inspector on Chrome tabs on the phone on my laptop.

I went through the steps at https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/remote-debugging

The laptop can see the Nexus, and I can open/refresh/focus/close tabs remotely on the phone.

But when I click on the "inspect" link to launch the inspector I get a new window open with

404 Not Found The resource could not be found.

The URL of the window is


Is there something else I need to install? For clarity, inspector works fine for tabs on my laptop.

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  • please check if there is a mismatch between the chrome version on your laptop and the chrome running on android device. I suggest you try with latest chrome version on your laptop, preferably with canary build. canary can co-exist with your regular chrome.

    I just verified i was able to use the inspect with chrome canary and nexus 5.

    chrome remote debug

  • check output for "adb devices" on cmd prompt to see if your device is listed, if you do not have adb installed , this could be a cause, please install adb and follow legacy workflow as described in additional information.

  • Thanks for the ideas, but I'd already tried different Chrome channels, and adb was installed. I went back to this today though, and it's just spontaneously working now when it wasn't the other day. I had tried rebooting both the laptop and the phone already, so I'm not sure what changed... :(
    – Codemonkey
    Oct 7, 2014 at 15:28
  • @codemonkey it could be that on reboot your chrome browser got updated or new update
    – ashoke
    Oct 7, 2014 at 15:30

If your device is listed in adb devices then try inspecting it again with chrome beta for Android.

Ideally it should work without any issues if your device is detected properly..


You have to update your both mobiles and laptop google chrome browser make sure both are using the same version of browser.. the same issue occurs for me, so I solve that issue by using this trick, hope it will work for you.


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