I've some problem with decode method in python 3.3.4. This is my code:

for line in open('file','r'):
    decodedLine = line.decode('ISO-8859-1')
    line = decodedLine.split('\t')

But I can't decode the line for this problem:

AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'decode'

Do you have any ideas? Thanks


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One encodes strings, and one decodes bytes.

You should read bytes from the file and decode them:

for lines in open('file','rb'):
    decodedLine = lines.decode('ISO-8859-1')
    line = decodedLine.split('\t')

Luckily open has an encoding argument which makes this easy:

for decodedLine in open('file', 'r', encoding='ISO-8859-1'):
    line = decodedLine.split('\t')

open already decodes to Unicode in Python 3 if you open in text mode. If you want to open it as bytes, so that you can then decode, you need to open with mode 'rb'.


After PyJWT 2.0.0 version does not have a decode method, we are getting this error. We should freeze the below version to avoid this issue.


This works for me smoothly to read Chinese text in Python 3.6. First, convert str to bytes, and then decode them.

for l in open('chinese2.txt','rb'):
    decodedLine = l.decode('gb2312')

In Python 3, use this mental model:

  • Encoding is the process of converting a str object to a bytes object
  • Decoding is the process of converting a bytes object to a str object


You got the error 'str' object has no attribute 'decode'. If you need a str, there is no need to run decode() on it. Access the variable directly without calling decode().

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