My executable is linked against several libraries (see below), but at run-time crashes with this error:

symbol lookup error: bin.gcc/TestHarmonic: undefined symbol: _ZN3fmm8harmonic7details6helperILi2ENS0_6U_typeEdE5set_qEPdPKddd

The executable is made using (on linux, running gcc 4.8.1)

g++ -o bin.gcc/TestHarmonic obj.gcc/TestHarmonic.o -Llib/ -lfmm.gcc -Lutils2/lib -lWDutils2.gcc -ltbb -lCGAL -lm

The symbol in question is actually where it ought to be:

nm lib/libfmm.gcc.so | grep _ZN3fmm8harmonic7details6helperILi2ENS0_6U_typeEdE5set_qEPdPKddd
000000000a2fff0 W _ZN3fmm8harmonic7details6helperILi2ENS0_6U_typeEdE5set_qEPdPKddd

The library lib/libfmm.gcc.so is made via

g++ several_files.o -shared -Lutils2/lib -lWDutils2.gcc -ltbb -lCGAL -lm -o lib/libfmm.gcc.so

If I delete that but keep a static version lib/libfmm.gcc.a and build the executable again, it works. What could be wrong here and how can I fix this?

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    Did you check with ldd that your application actually using library you built? It may find such library somewhere else in the system. – Slava Sep 30 '14 at 18:29
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    @Slava YES you found the problem. Indeed, ldd shows that I have another library of the same ****ing name, which is in the LD_RUN_PATH (but not the LD_LIBRARY_PATH -- I'm always confused about those two) and hence found by the executable. I'm infinitely indepted to you! – Walter Sep 30 '14 at 18:32

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