I am trying to get a specific Microsoft Azure Website resource, so that I can change some of its properties. To get a single resource, Get-AzureResource requires the ApiVersion property. Where do I find this?

Parameter Set: Get a single resource

    [-Name] <String> 
    -ApiVersion <String> 
    -ResourceGroupName <String> 
    -ResourceType <String> 
    [-ParentResource <String> ] 
    [ <CommonParameters>]

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn654579.aspx

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I found the answer here.

Run the following in PowerShell.


The debug output will start like this:

DEBUG: 5:25:10 PM - GetAzureResourceGroupCommand begin processing with ParameterSet 'GetMultiple'.
DEBUG: 5:25:10 PM - using account id '[email protected]'...
DEBUG: ============================ HTTP REQUEST ============================

HTTP Method:

Absolute Uri:

Inspect the Absolute Uri - the query string parameter is api-version.

  • https://management.azure.com/
  • subscriptions/
  • 12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567890ab/
  • providers/
  • microsoft.batch/
  • register?
  • api-version=2014-04-01-preview

Where you're done, run the following in PowerShell to stop the debug output.


Here is how to get a particular website Resource details.

Switch-AzureMode -Name AzureResourceManager

$website = Get-AzureResource -ResourceType "Microsoft.Web/sites" | where {$_.Name -eq "<*YOURWEBSITENAME*>"}

$websiteName = $website.Name

$websiteResource = $website.ParentResource

$websiteResourceId = $website.ResourceId

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