I was using PyQt4 and this code works great.

self.table.horizontalHeader().setResizeMode(1, QHeaderView.Stretch)

It's stretching a column in a table. But when I run the code with PyQt5, I'm getting this error:

Attribute Error: 'QHeaderView' object has no attribute 'setResizeMode'

Can you please help? Or simply; how can I strect any column in PyQt5?

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Use QHeaderView.setSectionResizeMode instead of QHeaderView.setResizeMode:

Use setSectionResizeMode instead.

(Quote from documentation for QHeaderView.setResizeMode)


In PyQt5 should be:

header = self.table.horizontalHeader()       
header.setSectionResizeMode(0, QtWidgets.QHeaderView.Stretch)
header.setSectionResizeMode(1, QtWidgets.QHeaderView.ResizeToContents)
header.setSectionResizeMode(2, QtWidgets.QHeaderView.ResizeToContents)

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