I am running the julia notebook by running the following from inside the Julia command line.

using IJulia

I want to be a good programmer so I first start writing some unit tests before I start writing some actual code. These show different results compared to what the docs tell me to expect.


using Base.test 
@test 1 == 1
@test 1 == 0


test not defined
while loading In[272], in expression starting on line 1

It seems that Base.test doesn't exist. Do I need to install it even though it belongs to the Base?

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It appears that while most examples describe accessing unit tests through

using Base.Test

in more recent versions of Julia, you may not need to identify the Base package and can import the unit test macros through

using Test

Its Base.Test, not Base.test - the error is from the using line, not the subsequent lines, in case that was confusing.

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