They both allow you to connect to the stdout/stderr of a running container. In particular docker logs --follow seems to work similarly to docker attach.

Is one command an obsolete version of the other, or are there significant differences?

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docker logs just pipes you stderr/stdout, while attach attaches stdin/out/err and proxies signals.

For example, the docs for attach (https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/commandline/attach/#description) state "You can detach from the container again (and leave it running) with CTRL-p CTRL-q (for a quiet exit), or CTRL-c which will send a SIGKILL to the container, or CTRL-\ to get a stacktrace of the Docker client when it quits. When you detach from the container's process the exit code will be returned to the client."

If the container has a pty I would assume you get attached to the pty and have full pty features (haven't tested that).

Hope this helps a bit!

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