Using C# (VS2008) and WIA - scanning to TIFF format;

When I use the scanner for 1 page on the flatbed or document feeder the method executes without any problem. When I load multiple forms into the feeder the execution halts after scanning the first page (keeping status: "scanning to pc") but does not scan the next page(s). The method returns the stream of the first page and halts - am able to save the stream and everything; just am lost at what to do next...

What statement am I missing? What am I missing here? TIA!


The following forum post has a nice explanation on using WIA with ADF (automatic document feeder):



I used some of the code from there and wrote a nice little library here: http://adfwia.codeplex.com/

Update: I've put (and manage) the project on github now: https://github.com/gideondsouza/AutoDocumentFeed_for_WIA

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