while RUN2:
    chose = int(input('Type the option number from 1 to 6:'))

    if chose == 1:
        print("Your gross pay is", grosspay(workhour, hourlywage))       

    elif chose == 2:    
        print("Your withholdings is", withhd(workhour, hourlywage))     

    elif chose == 3:   
        print("Your Federal Tax is", fedtax(workhour, hourlywage)) 

    elif chose == 4:    
        print("Your Federal Tax is", mdtax(workhour, hourlywage))

    elif chose == 5:    
        print("Your Federal Tax is", net(workhour, hourlywage))

    elif chose == 6:
        print ("Thank you for using. Goodbye!")
        RUN2 = False

        print("/////// Invalid option number ///////")


Q. How can I avoid ValueErrors like below when hitting enter not putting option numbers? I know some user can hit enter on purpose or by accident.. is there any statement to avoid that? I learned only int(input) or input...

ValueError: could not convert string to float

ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''


Thank you so much in advance....

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  • to avoid the "ValueErrors" you can wrap your input statements with a try-except block (docs.python.org/2/tutorial/errors.html), and the None is because you're calling a function that has no return statement, but you're printing whatever it returns – Rafael Barros Oct 2 '14 at 4:08
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You can remove none by changing this code

if chose == 1:
        print("Your gross pay is", grosspay(workhour, hourlywage))


if chose == 1:
            grossPayMsg() # print is removed because when you use print it prints the return value of grossPayMsg()
            print("Your gross pay is", grosspay(workhour, hourlywage))

You can use strng.isnumeric() function to check whether an entered string is numeric. After that convert to float and store it in workhour and hourlywage

strng = input("What's your hours worked?:")
if strng.isnumeric() :
  workhour = float(strng)

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