I'm creating a tarball of a large codebase managed in ClearCase. Every directory has a sub-directory named ".CC". I'd like to exclude these from my tarball.

I've found Excluding directory when creating a .tar.gz file, but excluding that would appear to require passing each and every .CC directory on the commndline. This is impractical in my case.

Is there a way to exclude directories that meet a particular pattern?

EDIT: I am not asking how to exclude a specific finite list of directories. I am asking how to exclude all directories that end in a particular pattern.


Instead of manually typing --exclude 'root/a/.CC' --exclude 'root/b/.CC' ... you can type $(find root -type d -name .CC -exec echo "--exclude \'{}\'" \;|xargs)

You can use whatever patterns find supports, or even use something like grep inbetween find and xargs.


The following bash script should do the trick. It uses the answer given by @Marcus Sundman.


echo -n "Please enter the name of the tar file you wish to create with out extension "
read nam

echo -n "Please enter the path to the directories to tar "
read pathin

echo tar -czvf $nam.tar.gz
excludes=`find $pathin -iname "*.CC" -exec echo "--exclude \'{}\'" \;|xargs`
echo $pathin

echo tar -czvf $nam.tar.gz $excludes $pathin

This will print out the command you need and you can just copy and paste it back in. There is probably a more elegant way to provide it directly to the command line.

*.CC could be exchanged for any other common extension and this should still work.

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