I'm using the clearance gem to add authentication to a rails app. I would like to use a different layout called 'session' with the sessions and passwords controllers. In order to do this I'll need to override the sessions and passwords controllers, but so far I can't get either of them to use my alternative layout.

I've added a sessions controller that inherits from clearance and my layout file is in the correct place.

class SessionsController < Clearance::SessionsController
  layout 'session'

I've done the same as above with the passwords controller. Now I add a route that I hoped would override the one that the clearance gem uses:

resource :session, controller: 'sessions'

But this has no effect and the application layout is used. How can I use a different layout with these controllers?


Overriding the layouts is simpler than this: See: https://github.com/thoughtbot/clearance#overriding-layouts

Clearance::PasswordsController.layout 'my_passwords_layout'
Clearance::SessionsController.layout 'my_sessions_layout'
Clearance::UsersController.layout 'my_admin_layout'

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