I am trying to authenticate with a Google api but keep getting Error: redirect_uri_mismatch I have set up my redirect URL in the google console https://console.developers.google.com/project but it keeps saying The redirect URL in the request: http:/localhost:6804/authorize/ did not match a registered redirect URL.

I have set my URL to may different URLs but it keeps sugesting http:/localhost:6804/authorize/ is wrong not matter what URL i have inserted.

I have also tried setting my redirect URL to http:/localhost:6804/authorize/ but continue to get the error message.

I update my client_secrets.json every time i make a change and have tired waiting for changes to set in.

Here is the error message i recive:

Request Details


response_type=code redirect_uri=http:/localhost:6804/authorize/

access_type=offline pageId=none


That’s all we know.

enter image description here


Maybe it is just a typo and it may not be the cause of your problem, but there should be two slashes (//) following http: in your URL:


instead of


Also in the above screenshot from the Google console I don't see this URL registered as a redirect URI. I assume it is just one of the tests you did, right?

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