I have seen in some codes that people define a variable and assign values like 1e-8 or 1e5.

for example

const int MAXN = 1e5 + 123;

What are these numbers? I couldn't find any thing on the web...


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1e5 is a number expressed using scientific notation, specifically E notation, and it means 1 multiplied by 10 to the 5th power (the 'e' meaning 'exponent').

So 1e5 equals 1*100000 and is equal to 100000. The three notations are interchangeable meaning the same.


1e5 means 1 × 105.

Similarly, 12.34e-9 means 12.34 × 10−9.

Generally, AeB means A × 10B.

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    This! I think people who say 1e5 is equal to 10 to the 5th power are giving an incomplete answer. So I like your answer: 1x10^5. Thanks Dec 19, 2020 at 15:39

this is scientific notation for 10^5 = 100000


1e5 is 100000. 5 stand for the amount of zeros you add in behind that number. For example, lets say I have 1e7. I would put 7 zeros behind 1 so it will become 10,000,000. But lets say that the number is 1.234e6. You would still add 6 zeros at the end of the number so it's 1.234000000, but since there is that decimal, you would have to move it to the right 6 times since it's e6.

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    1.234e6 -> 1234000
    – brandito
    Jul 23, 2018 at 4:24
  • this is the one definition I had in mind, but it was confusing some times. The accepted answer is better, more precise. Aug 26, 2022 at 14:11

The values like: 1e-8 or 1e5


1e-8 = 1 * 10^(-8)


1e5 = 1 * 10

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