I am using https://github.com/amlcurran/ShowcaseView library for Showcaseview
how to make rectangle view instead of circle ?
and how to using it for one of the listview item? thanks


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Refer to the CustomShowcaseActivity in the sample app. It creates a rectangular showcase. It defines a CustomShowcaseView with a constructor that sets the width and height of the showcase rectangle from resource file dimens.xml:

width = resources.getDimension(R.dimen.custom_showcase_width);
height = resources.getDimension(R.dimen.custom_showcase_height);

The CustomShowcaseActivity is associated to the ShowcaseView in the Builder. This is also where the showcase target is set.

The CustomShowcaseView implements ShowcaseDrawer so you use setShowcaseDrawer(). It's not a drawer, but rather a "draw - er".

The following shows this and targets a listview as you wanted:

ViewTarget target = new ViewTarget(R.id.listView, this);

sv = new ShowcaseView.Builder(this)
            .setShowcaseDrawer(new CustomShowcaseActivity.CustomShowcaseView(getResources()))

Take a look at this: MaterialShowCaseView that is a improved version of original ShowCaseView library. It has more featurs like sequence and .withRectangleShape() in it. An example of rectangle showcase is:

    // single example
new MaterialShowcaseView.Builder(this)
    .setDismissText("GOT IT")
    .withRectangleShape() // this makes it rectangle
    .setContentText("This is some amazing feature you should know about")
    .setDelay(withDelay) // optional but starting animations immediately in onCreate can make them choppy
    .singleUse(SHOWCASE_ID) // provide a unique ID used to ensure it is only shown once

for use it for one of items, use a if in onBindViewHolder with specific position and show it simply.

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