I need some help with a project. I work as a librarian, and we are currently undergoing a process to relabel all of our picture books. What we are working with is a long list of all our picture books in Excel, which we then copy the author's last name (in one column) and paste it into a Word Doc which is formatted in the arrangement of those Avery label templates. We have over 8000 picture books, and as you can imagine this process takes quite a bit of time, but I have a rudimentary background in code (VB, Java), and I believe this process can be automated with scripts, but I'm not quite sure how. Any advice on commands I can use or how I should organize my code would be greatly appreciated.



You need to learn Excel and Word COM interface. They are quite simple to use. See some examples for Excel on Python [in this thread]. For MS Word usage you just need to use 'Word.Application' object instead of 'Excel.Application'. In VB Script such objects are created with CreateObject() function: [some examples in MSDN].

See [Word object reference] and [Excel objects hierarchy] for detailed interface descriptions.

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