While importing project from Eclipse to Android Studio it has reported following error: enter image description here

What may cause the problem? Any idea how to deal with this?


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What may cause the problem?

Apparently, you have that <uses-permission> element in a manifest that would be used for a production app, and they now have a Lint rule to block that.

Any idea how to deal with this?

Create a src/debug/AndroidManifest.xml file, with a root <manifest> element holding onto your <uses-permission> element, and remove that <uses-permission> element from where you are getting the error (presumably src/main/AndroidManifest.xml).


This lint error currently does limit use of the permission to debug specific manifests in AndroidStudio 1.0.+ but the lint guidelines are being adjusted to allow the permission to also work in test specific manifests in an up coming version of AndroidStudio.

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